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InTown – The easy and cost effective way to embrace online publishing.

InTown delivers directories online with no additional cost and it allows digital ad sales with minimal effort. InTown handles customer corrections or changes in real time allowing their advertising stay current and correct in order to maintain their online presence. The InTown system can also seamlessly integrate with PassExpress for mobile wallet coupons adding even more value to your customers.

InTown is the easier way to produce directories for the modern market! Print and online editions with the same useful listings and effective graphics advertising in both formats.

Deliver directories via the web to every computer, tablet, and smart phone. Increase circulation and user convenience with no additional costs. InTown sites work, with or without a print version. Our system can seamlessly integrate with PassExpress for mobile wallet coupons, to add additional value to your customers.

Put your directory online automatically during your sales canvass. Once the artwork is approved it can flow directly to your online directory site. This will allow your customers to start feeling the positive effects of advertising.