Hey everyone! 👏

Everyone here at Directory Resources has been hard at work bringing your favorite software to the web. A lot of work goes in to building software, and we are positive you are going to love the latest updates to BookMan 4.

A Beautiful New Interface

BookMan for the web has been redesigned with an entirely new interface. It is modern, mobile responsive, and downright beautiful (if we do say so ourselves 😉).

Part of this new interface is an entirely new dashboard. This dashboard has built in tasks, a calendar that is integrated with your contacts (check out the new Appointments feature 👇 below!) and all the data you find most useful.

What are you waiting for? Log in and check out the new design!

A New, Dedicated, Appointments Area

BookMan now has an area to keep track of all your appointments, the best part is that it links directly to your contacts and appears on your new Dashboard!

Now keeping track of all your upcoming appointments has never been easier. Simply create them in BookMan and you'll see them all in one place as soon as you log in.

Receipt Customizations

We know that one of your favorite things about BookMan has been the ability to customize it to match your business needs. We have taken that one step further with customizable receipts.

With the new customization options, you can give receipts for each book/company its own colors, images, and layout. You can even customize the wording to match print or digital sales! BookMan truly is the only tool you need to manager your business.

Bulk Import/Export Lead Assignments

BookMan 4.0 now supports bulk editing lead assignments through a spreadsheet. This will make your administrative process super fast and your reps super happy that they are getting new leads.

Tags 🏷

Tags make organizing your contacts easier than ever. Because they are user definable, each BookMan user can create and use their own tags to organize contacts the way that works best for them.

Tags can be searched right now, but will soon interact with your contacts in many other ways! We are very excited about user's organizing their contacts how they see fit, without compromising company wide organizations through Groups!

Groups 👤👤👤

Okay, so tags are defined by users, and that is great for the users! But what about company wide organization? That is all being done through Groups.

Groups are the best way to organize your contacts and leads. This can be done by location, deal amount, product, or anything else that works for your business.

So, what's next?

We're so glad you asked. While not every BookMan 4 update will be this large, you can expect to see even more new and great features in the coming months. Our next big project will be supporting products and categories in a whole new way, so keep an eye out!

Happy Holidays!

-Directory Resources Team